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The right corporate structure for a company can optimize tax efficiency and limit legal liabilty. Our legal experts can help you determine the appropriate corporate structure based on your company goals and needs.


As we understand that your time is valuable, we pride ourselves in working quick with proven results. We want to make sure that you can put full focus on your business and while you let us handle the rest.

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We understand that every entrepreneur has no time to waste. Here at Bizmark, we are all about understanding the goals and needs of a business that we work with. Our combined team of experts will leverage their networks and knowledge to achieve results for your business.

In these times where speed is the norm, every company needs a third party review.

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Bizmark is a capital advisory firm that supports companies seeking to raise private capital for start-up, growth, restructuring, or sale. We advise organizations on optimal funding paths, considering the many solutions across the private capital spectrum.We specialize in assisting companies through our professional networks of investment advisors, fund managers, and investors. This enables us to create strategic relationships to drive financing solutions.

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We believe in building market value through strategic consultation, financial marketing, investment positioning and targeted communications. At Bizmark, we are passionate about what we do, and are obsessive about helping our clients and investor network succeed.

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Knowledge is power. Let’s start with the basics.

The key to getting equity investors is preparation

You must prepare a strong plan in order to convince an investor that you know what you are doing and that your business is worth their time and money. Take the time to study the elements you’ll need to consider before moving forward.

Preparing your plan and accompanying financial data can be time consuming.

Management and external advisors may be able to help in putting it together.
Investors will look very closely at your business plan and projected financial statements to see if your business will generate an adequate return in a reasonable amount of time.Investors will want evidence that you can actually achieve the gains that you forecast.

Your business expansion will likely tap into all three major sources of financing:

  • Conventional external lending (e.g. mortgages, operating lines of credit)
  • Internal sources of working capital (e.g. improved cash flow, reduced inventory, better terms from suppliers)
  • External risk capital investors

External risk capital investors, who will invest by purchasing equity shares, include: Angel investors, Venture capital firms, Institutional investors, Labour-sponsored venture funds, some government corporations.

Risk capital sources will finance businesses that conventional sources may avoid.

Risk capitalists will assume some of the risk of growth, but it will come at a price; you may have to pay more, or give up more control.

When you consider different types of financing, the key questions are:

  • How much will it cost?
  • How much control will I have to give up?
  • How much risk will I be exposed to?

Investors are looking for three things.

You’ve got to show them how your venture will deliver all three:

  • Excellent growth potential
  • Exceptional return on investment
  • A way to get their money out

When capital is in short supply, you will also need to demonstrate why your business is a safer and more profitable investment than other potential ventures an investor could support.

Investors will look to see if your management team can implement your business plan and realize the investment potential.

They are not looking for an operation dominated by one person. Instead, they want to see a talented team with:

  • A range of appropriate skills and experience
  • A solid track record in all key business functions
  • An effective structure
  • Good communication, decision-making and consensus-building skills
  • The ability to grow

You need a concise and compelling proposal to grab the investor's attention.

The proposal may not be the same as your business plan. The business plan is often designed for an internal audience (namely your managers), to guide their work. The proposal is designed for an external audience, to sell your idea and raise the funds you need.

Investors want the proposal to give them an immediate understanding of:

  • The terms of the deal
  • What makes the deal or opportunity unique
  • The balance sheet
  • The calibre of the people involved
  • The characteristics of the business and the industry

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