Capital Advisory

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Capital Advisory

Our multi-disciplinary North American team combines industry-specific knowledge with practical and valuable experience. Our corporate finance professionals provide strategic advice and specialized assistance in areas of:

Transaction Marketing 

• Developing and communicating compelling narratives for transactions 

• Generating participant leads for private placement or asset sale transactions

Stakeholder Introductions 

• Leveraging Bizmark’s expansive network of venture capital, private equity, and corporate partners to expedite transactions 

• Facilitating productive and actionable exercises to garner stakeholder interests

Transaction Negotiations & Closing 

• Leading value-based negotiations 

• Preparing and reviewing closing documents 

• Harmonizing transaction stakeholders to closing schedules 

As an added bonus

Our initial consultation is complementary. We dig deep to insure we are the right match for you and your goals.

The Risk Appetite

Our partners work directly with you. That means no assistants, and no employees – just us.

You do what you do best – run your company.

And use our nimble, boutique firm for your financial needs.

Legal Partners & Closing Investment

Our team of trusted legal partners will make capital raising affordable and easy to understand. Having the right systems in place from the beginning is key to operating a successful business. Our counsel, your peace of mind.

Corporate Restructuring & Capital Readiness

The right corporate structure for a company can optimize tax efficiency and limit legal liability. Our financial and legal experts can help you determine the appropriate corporate structure based on your company goals and needs.  

Capital Raising- Debt & Equity

A good capital advisor can help corporations, governments and other groups plan and manage large projects, saving their client time and money by identifying risks associated with the project before the client moves forward. 

Once a thorough assessment of risk and reward is made and solid plan created, we connect your company with potential investors in your industry or niche and negotiate with them to get you the funding you require, whether you are a startup or scaling.

Who are Potential Investors?

There are several different options for risk capital investors

Love Money

Family and friends who believe in you and invest in your idea

Angel Investors

Initial external investors who could be silent partners or provide experience and expertise in your business

Venture Capital Firms

Professional venture capitalist with particular investment strategies or preferences

Institutional Investors

Investment in the form of pension funds, life insurance companies, banks, and other institutions

Government-Backed Corporations

The Business Development Bank can provide financing, counselling, training, and mentoring to SMEs

Corporate Strategic Partners

Major corporations will look for strategic partners in smaller businesses

How do you choose the right partner for your capital raising efforts?

First and foremost, it is important to research an investment consultant’s background before hiring their services.

This means reviewing their compliance records and checking for any serious breaches. For instance, have they ever been investigated for insider trading? It’s also wise to check their fiduciary status and even their criminal record.

You can also check your investment consultant’s certifications to ensure he or she holds the correct licenses. Before selecting an investment consultant, organize an in-person meeting to determine if they understand your financial goals and are accessible. Ask about fees and whether they receive any commissions. Finally, you can assess their education and association memberships to determine if they have the necessary experience and expertise.

What is Seed Capital?

Seed capital is the initial capital used when starting a business for covering initial operating expenses and attracting venture capitalists.

What Are Angel Investors?

Professional angel investors actively work with entrepreneurs in pooling resources and growing startups.
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