So You Want to Be an Investor or Buyer?

Whether you are an affluent entrepreneur, philanthropist, or aspiring business owner, we can guide you through the process of becoming an Investor or Buyer and connect you with businesses that match your interests.

In recent years, we have witnessed massive growth in entrepreneurship and startups with unceasing passion and innovative ideas that have incredible growth potential if they only had the capital.

As an investor or buyer, working with us, at Bizmark, you are able to explore the many businesses that come to us, select the enterprises that meet your requirements, that you believe have to right combination of knowledge, experience, and passion for high growth and return on your investment, and you want to see succeed. We work with you and the company to negotiate terms in order to ensure the entire process is smooth and simple.

Bizmark’s listings are generally located in Western Canada. However, our firm understanding of exempt market securities and network of partners, enable us to work with Investors and Buyers from across Canada and the United States. As an Investor or Buyer, if any of our listings interest you, please contact us for a free consultation.


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We are always seeking individuals and corporations from diverse industries and niches to support our roster of entrepreneurs seeking seed capital. We are confident we have the perfect fit for you.

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Our Investor Vetting Process

When it comes to accepting investors, our vetting process is transparent and thorough.

We seek individuals and companies from all sectors who have experienced the growing pains of entrepreneurship first-hand, have overcome challenges, have seen their visions come to fruition, and reaped the rewards. They may have exited their companies or be at a level in their growth that positions them well to supply seed capital, growth capital or venture capital to others and mentor them on their entrepreneurial journeys.

Listings are for informational purposes only and do not constitute a solicitation or offer to sell securities. Any such offer or solicitation will only be made pursuant to an Offering Memorandum or required documents that will be issued in connection with such offering.

We welcome investors that are seeking investments but do not want any involvement in the process, angel investors who have personal funds that they are willing and capable of providing as seed or growth capital very quickly, and investors who are poised to invest larger sums as venture capital and desire direct involvement in the long term growth of the recipient company. Whether investors are interested in mentoring entrepreneurs through the startup or growth process or want no involvement in the process at all, we, at Bizmark, have an investment that will suit you

As part of our vetting process, we require your CV, what range of investment funds you are looking to provide, your terms, and the ROI you expect. From the detailed information you provide us and the any interviews we have where we share our requirements and expectations, we will arrive at a decision whether we are a good fit mutually.

If you are interested in becoming an Bizmark investor